Mindfulness Practice (Sitting) Group
a service of the Mindfulness Practice Group.

The DCBA/FBA Tele-Meditation Sitting Group used to meet twice each month (remotely)

the 2nd Friday and the Wednesday following, beginning promptly at 12:15 and concluding at 12:30.

It is not necessary that one had any experience with mindfulness to join them.

Tele-Meditation Instructions and Information

Creating the Space:

One of the benefits of an in-person group sitting is that the space and the group creates a sense of purpose, of meaning and connect, . . . and it is difficult to look at your phone, receive or send a text, or check your e-mails.

One of the benefits of Tele-Meditating is that you need not spend more time getting to and from the DCBA office or using gas to do so, that the 15 minutes is just that, 15 minutes, and that you are still connecting with others.

Here are some suggestions for creating a space that will be helpful to you and, perhaps helpful to others.

Note:  Consider inviting a friend or colleague join you.

1.  Put a "Do Not Disturb" note on your door.
2.  Turn off your computer.
3.  Silence your cell phone and put it in a drawer (unless you are using it for the call).
4.  Silence the tone of your phone.  Place your phone on MUTE.

After the Mindful Practice is Over:

1.  Take the "Do Not Disturb" note off your door.
2.  Turn on your computer.
3.  Retrieve your cell phone and return it to your preferred settings.
4.  Turn on your phone's ringer.

Note:  You may find that you want to sit for a few minutes longer in silence.