Mindfulness in Law

Below are links to selected materials that offer an overview of the growing and important role of mindfulness in the legal profession.

Included are links to local articles, national articles, science articles, and websites. Also included are a sample of state and national programs conducted or joined in by member of the DCBA/FBA Mindfulness in Law Joint Task Force.

National Articles
--ABA GP Solo: (Bob Zeglovitch: Nov. 2006)
--ABA Litigation Journal: (Jacobowitz, 2013)
--Canadian Lawyer, (Craig McCormack: March 2009)
--Massachusetts Bar Journal: “, (Bar President, Edward W. McIntyre: April 2009)
--Supreme Court of Ohio: (Paton Hyman, 2007)

South Florida Articles:
DCBA Bulletin: (Judge Alan Gold: May 2012)
DCBA Bulletin: Mindfulness Matters, (Scott Rogers: Nov. 2011)
Miami Herald: , (Marcella McCarthy: Feb. 2013)
Florida Bar News: (Mark Killian: Nov. 2009)

Science of Mindfulness
--Scientific American Mind:
--Science Daily:
--Miami Herald: August 2013.

Mindfulness Workshops and Presentations for Lawyers and Judges
--Florida Bar Convention (2009)
--Miami Law/DCBA Workshop for Lawyers and Judges (2013)
--11th Circuit Federal Judges Conference (2012)
--National Association of Women Judges (2012)
--Federal Courts, SDF (2012)
--Federal Bar (South Florida Chapter) Luncheon (2011, 2013)
--Eleventh Judicial Circuit Mindfulness Presentation (2011)
--Florida Dispute Resolution Center Annual Conference (2010)
--FLAFCC Annual Conference (2012)
--Berkeley Law Conference for Lawyers and Judges (2010)
--Children's Law Institute Annual Conference (2011)

DCBA/FBA Mindfulness in Law Task Force